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We at Unit Energy Solar (DO CARE)

We at Unit Energy Solar specialize in the installation and import of photovoltaic system since 2010. Unit Energy Solar has established itself as one of the leading Solar panels installers the island. Our company guarantees high-level system. Unit Energy Solar P V systems are equipped with the Micro Inverters, which apart from their capability of enhancing the performance of your P V panels, allows also for the monitoring of your system from your own computer. This monitoring system provided users real-time information to ensure performance is optimized over the life of the installation. 

Our company is focused only on the installation of Solar Panels Systems, hence ensuring that the best service and after sales for our clients is guaranteed. With the use of the Micro-Inverters, our Systems have produced the desired number of units!

Striving to excellence in service we provide!


We are

LG Pro Authorised Partners

Unit Energy Solar are proud to be Malta's Official LG Pro Partners. LG Pro has believed in our company and provided us the exclusivity to sell LG Pro Solar Panels in Malta. 

We sell only


A micro-inverter will take full advantage of the production of each individual panel. Therefore the functionality of a micro-inverter does outperform a standard inverter.

We offer Real-Time Online Monitoring

Solar Panel owners can track their energy production and monitor their system’s health. This is done from a simple, mobile-friendly interface monitoring system.